In couples counseling, we all work together for the good of your relationship. Perhaps you and your partner are unsure about your next steps, gearing up for a new engagement or marriage, looking for support in communication, conflict, or problem solving skills. Maybe you're trying to recover from a relational crisis, or preparing for a big lifestyle change, or maybe you're weighing out whether your relationship is still worth it at all. Whatever you're facing, my office is a space where every person in the room is invited to speak, be heard, and be treated with respect. In couples counseling, we work through issues like:

  • Premarital counseling

  • Conflict with your partner

  • Relationship stress

  • Communication difficulties

  • Growing intimacy and love

  • Relationship transitions

  • Relationship tune-up

I work as a marriage counselor, premarital counselor,

dating counselor, and just relationship counselor in 

general. Whatever stage of love you're in, I want to 

support you and help you grow forward from here.

My approach to couples counseling draws on three major theories of couples therapy; I use emotion-focused therapy in my work with couples, which focuses on the layers of the problem, honors each individual's unique story and self, and is grounded in attachment science. This approach focuses on what is happening in the therapy session and in your relationship in real time. Your job as the client is just to show up however you and your relationship are that day, and we work on whatever conflict or communication challenge or stress comes up. If you're coming in for couples counseling on a day where you're feeling connected and productive as a team, we will figure out and celebrate what's going right and strengthen your skills for building and restoring lasting love.

If you're looking for a female couples counselor to support you and your partner in healing, growing, or clarifying your relationship, I might be the right fit. If you have more questions about me, email or call me for a phone consult, and we can figure it out together. And if you're wondering if couples counseling is the right plan for your relationship now, here's an article that outlines how you know if it's time to seek couples counseling.

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