• Lily Ewing

Featured in HuffPost: Why Millennials Are Suddenly So Obsessed With Houseplants

Excerpt from Why Millennials Are Suddenly So Obsessed With Houseplants by Casey Bond for HuffPost. Published on September 18, 2019. See the full article here.

room full of plants

"Though the plant craze might seem like a passing social media fad, the millennial generation is uniquely suited to maintain a long-lasting love affair with plants.

It’s no secret that millennials are delaying major life milestones such as buying homes, getting married and having children, largely for financial reasons. In Los Angeles, for example, the median home price hit an all-time record of $618,000 this past June, prompting an increasing number of millennials to remain renters. The cost of having kids is also higher than ever; the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates it will cost a middle-income family $233,610 to raise a baby born in 2015 through age 17. And millennials collectively hold about $1 trillion of the nation’s debt, a 22% increase over the last five years.

“People are designed for connection and nurturing, but with more millennials waiting until later in life to have babies and settle down, young people are turning to plants,” said Lily Ewing, a therapist in Seattle who also happens to be a millennial and plant enthusiast. According to Ewing, plants often require less attention than other living things, such as pets, but still provide the opportunity to nurture something. Plants can provide a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose, she explained.

“There is something that is just completely awe-inspiring about having a living organism that you maybe get with one or two leaves, that’s two or three inches tall, and you put it next to a window so that it gets a little bit of light, and you give it a little bit of water, and it literally turns into something else in front of you,” Jake Berkowitz said."

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