• Lily Ewing

Featured in UpJourney: How to Be Less Emotionally Sensitive

Excerpt from How to Be Less Emotionally Sensitive, According to 7 Experts for UpJourney. Published on October 1, 2019. See the full article here.

"Some people may feel that emotional sensitivity is getting in the way of building good relationships with other people. Sometimes, certain situations arise that challenge other’s emotions and even our own."

"An important thing to remember is that feelings aren’t always true.

Emotional experiences are authentic, in that the impact they have on you is valid, but just because you’re feeling one way doesn’t mean that it points to anything based in reality. Our emotions come as responses to our perceptions, which are often skewed.

To be less reactive to your changing emotional states, it’s essential to slow down and try to understand why you’re feeling the way you are.

See if there’s a reason in reality that has caused you to feel this way, or if your perception of the moment might be a bit skewed. Feelings offer a lot of advice to our minds, but it’s not all good advice. Make sure you’re checking your facts before you act."

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See the full article here.