• Lily Ewing

Featured on Bustle: 7 Signs Your Immature Partner Is Ready To Grow Up

Excerpt from 7 Signs Your Immature Partner Is Ready To Grow Up by Kristine Fellizar for Bustle. Published on September 25, 2019. See the full article here.

Young couple in conversation

"More often than not, being with someone who's emotionally immature will only lead to stress and frustration. This is especially true if you're ready for a serious commitment and they're not close to giving it to you. But according to experts, your situation may not be completely hopeless. People do change. If you pay close attention to the signs, you may find that your immature partner is ready to grow up.

"The primary difference I see between an immature and mature partner is whether their focus is on the past, present, or future," Lily Ewing, MA, LMHCA, a therapist who specializes in relationships, tells Bustle. An immature partner will only be focused on the past and the present. But a partner who's ready to grow up will focus on the present and the future. There's no more "seeing where things go." They know they're committed to you and they want you in their life, and they'll express that in a very clear way. You'll know that you're on the same page because you actually talk about it."

See the full article here.